No Trick or Treating, Please: How to Sit Out of Halloween Safely

When October comes around, many of us start to think about the annual Halloween celebrations that take place on the final day of the month. For some, this means an evening of fun and games and a chance to dress up in a scary costume. For others, it involves seeing children at the front door in their outfits and happily giving them sweets to take home and enjoy.

For some, however, it can be something of a nightmare. There are plenty of people who really don’t want to get involved in the Halloween festivities, and they generally can’t wait for the night of October the 31st to come to an end. Unfortunately, there are occasions when their desire to opt out is simply not accepted by a handful of others, resulting in an ordeal that cause a great degree of upset and trauma.

One of the more antisocial activities that has crept into some of our Halloween celebrations has been the throwing of items such as eggs and flour at homes which haven’t taken part in the festivities. The occupiers often become extremely frightened on the night in question, even more so if they are elderly, and although such instances are rare they do still occur.

The police and local authorities are keen to ensure nobody feels intimidated by Halloween revellers, and they go to great lengths to deter individuals from taking part in such antisocial actions. Despite the fact that the perpetrators might see it as nothing more than some harmless fun, they must be made aware that such behaviour is illegal, and that charges of criminal damage will be made against those who are caught.

Use a poster to announce non-participation

Home owners who wish to take no part in the event are encouraged to place a poster on their front door or in a window indicating that they don’t want to be involved. It’s to be hoped that these will politely inform revellers of the fact that it would be best to leave them alone and move onto other homes which are happy to be included.

In the event that some vandalism does occur to the property, the message from the authorities is simple: call the police at the earliest opportunity. Nobody should be expected to suffer in silence on Halloween night, or any other for that matter, so the best option is to contact the local constabulary when something untoward happens.

It’s important to remember, however, not to get too paranoid on Halloween. Most of the children in the streets will be friendly and pleasant individuals who are just taking part in what is generally a harmless celebration. Even if the occasional individual misbehaves, it should not reflect negatively on the rest.

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