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No Trick or Treating, Please: How to Sit Out of Halloween Safely

When October comes around, many of us start to think about the annual Halloween celebrations that take place on the final day of the month. For some, this means an evening of fun and games and a chance to dress up in a scary costume. For others, it involves seeing children at the front door [...]

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Keeping Your Kids Safe This Halloween

In many countries around the world, the end of October sees the traditional Halloween celebrations, and for children the 31st can be one of the greatest nights of the year because they get to go out of the house and scour the neighbourhood for sweets from the locals. For parents, however, the evening can be [...]

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Dispelling Dangerous Dog Myths

There are so many misconceptions about the concept of dangerous dogs, partly fuelled by rumours and counter-rumours, with many people seemingly prepared to pass on misinformation that’s claimed to be concrete fact. The problem is exacerbated by the understandable furore that erupts each time a person is attacked by a canine. In recent decades, the [...]

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Dangerous Dog Laws in the UK

Over the years, we have all seen various media reports on TV and in newspapers about tragedies that have occurred as a result of dog attacks, and it’s a sad but inevitable fact that more will undoubtedly take place in the future. Unfortunately, there is a tendency to assume that all dogs are therefore dangerous, [...]

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Staying Safe on the Road

In the modern world, the age of the car has changed the way we live our lives perhaps forever. We can drive to and from our workplaces, take our families away on holidays and visit far-off friends and relatives without having to rely on the vagaries of a public transport network. It all seems so [...]

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